Elite Management Package

Elite Management Package

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This package includes: 

• I will set up seven social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, youtube, email)

• One month of management 

• One month of promotion 

• A professional from my team will create a website for your business 

• I will provide 24 hours customer service for all accounts 

• I will set up an email list to get previous customers to return

• I will set up an additional email list to get potential customers to buy products 

• Each account will receive at least 15 post on each account per day

• I will use paid advertising ( Facebook ads, google ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, email advertisements, YouTube ads )

• I will use my social media platform to attract customers to your business 

• I will provide seo optimization for your website

• I will have your website listed in the high rankings on google which will provide more customers